First visit to the MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA)


January 16, 2013 by eckids

I’ve told you before how much I love South Lake Union, but now I’m super-infatuated because the MOHAI has opened.  Do you know how amazing this place is?   I loved their old location-it had the coolest boat and fishing exhibit and we finally visited their new digs for the first time the other day (It just opened on December 29th!) and though they don’t have the fish area anymore there were so many cool new things we had such a fabulous time.


The boys had so much fun with the interactive Seattle Icon exhibit.  I know we’ll have so many chats about Seattle and it’s history every time we come.


And I think this Wawona sculpture is one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen.


The boys were fascinated by the glass-cutout below the sculpture.  I love how this type of interactive exhibit leads to talks about art and if you’re curious about it, I found a link about how it was made.


The guys were pretty excited about exploring so we didn’t spend much time in this tot area, but in the future they’re going to find this such a great place to play.  I love how the MOHAI has thought a lot about kids: they have a lot of neat learning activities for young children and I’m looking forward to checking out a backpack the next time we visit and hopefully we’ll catch one of their Mini Mohai days on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.


All of us thought the log cutter and the railroad building exhibits were super cool.


And I’m glad we have membership because I know just popping in for even half an hour on a rainy day and then grabbing lunch at the cafe is going to be one of our favorite things this year. There are super yummy looking kids’ menu options like mac and cheese, a bagel and noodles.  (They seem reasonably priced: the mac and cheese was 3.95 and looks big enough for my guys to share.)


On our visit the guys shared a cookie and juice and I had a coffee and we watched the seaplanes take off and land.  This is the warmest I’ve ever been watching the seaplanes in the winter.


(PS. If you are looking for THE cheapest date night option I’ve ever seen: on March 29th from 6-9pm they are having a kids drive-in movie night where museum educators will look after your kids, help them build cardboard cars, watch the Cars movie in the Atrium all for 15 dollars if you’re not a member and 10!! if you are.  And Shanik and Serious Pie are within walking/trolley distance.)


Oh MOHAI.  We are in serious love.

2 thoughts on “First visit to the MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA)

  1. Lynette says:

    This seems like a really cool place to visit! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. eckids says:

    No problem:) I hope you go-it’s really neat!

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