Photo Friday: Denver Art Museum


December 8, 2012 by eckids

I’ve been meaning to talk about this one for ages because it’s one awesome place for kids that shouldn’t be overlooked.  I never really thought about art museums as being super-kid friendly but I really love the kid-focused spots at our Seattle Museum has and thought we’d check out the Denver Art Museum when we were there.  I’m so glad.  I think this is one place we’d definitely revisit when we go to Denver again.


Every exhibit has little activities to help the kids interact with the displays.  They also have really cool backpacks full of activities you can check out and bring with you on your museum adventure:


There are a couple kid-focused areas where grown-ups can sprawl out and relax while their kids build, explore and create.



We had so much fun playing with these light bubbles.  We played here for so long.  I don’t know who had more fun-me and the hubby or the kids.



And maybe I’m super-partial to this museum because they had an airport exhibit when we visited that even had our favorite Seattle airport.


See?  A totally amazing museum that kids and grownups can share.  We spent way more time than I thought we would and because of our patron membership at the Seattle Museum our visit was totally free.  (One more reason to support your local museums: reciprocal benefits when you travel!)

(PS. this post is my submission to Photo Friday on Deliciousbaby where you can check out some other fabulous travel destinations or totally link up yourself!)

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Denver Art Museum

  1. I think the best art museums make an effort to appeal to families – those kids are potential future patrons and the museums should reel them in early! 🙂 The Denver Art Museum looks like it’s doing a great job of making a museum visit fun for the entire family!

  2. Sonja Key says:

    I like those big giant soft blocks for building forts – those would save a lot of furniture and sheets clean up at home!

  3. eckids says:

    Totally! I love that they value that little kids do become big kids and help foster their learning:)

  4. eckids says:

    Yes! They were really fun:)

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