Las Vegas Gluttony Perfected at the Bacchanal Buffet


October 3, 2012 by eckids

Usually when we plan a trip, I love to think about where we’re going to eat long before we get there.  For this past Vegas trip though, I planned our trip around the pool at Mandalay Bay and kind of ended any planning there. I knew there were fabulous restaurants everywhere but kids in Vegas are a tricky issue: some people like them, some people don’t and I didn’t want to get my heart set on anything fantastic and then be disappointed if it didn’t look kid-friendly when we got there.

I did catch wind of a very recent 17 million dollar buffet upgrade at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace though and since buffets are totally baby/kid/teenager/everybody friendly I knew this one would be on  our list for sure.

When we got there around 4:15 pm on a weekday we saw this Disney-esque line-up system warning of things to come.

It still took us about 25-30 minutes in line.  Thankfully the line is near the restaurant’s bathroom so we took this time to get the kids ready for their meal.  I think the Bacchanal people are still getting their prices set, but at the time we went adults were 39.99 and kids 2-8 were half price.  (It’s a little steep for 4 year olds, but beverages like milk, juice and soda are included.)

This buffet is truly spectacular.  People were carrying plate-loads of beautiful looking crab-legs and seafood.

I tried a yummy ramen from the made-to-order noodle stand, sampled dim sum and beautiful salads, while the hubby loved the pastas, pizzas and fancy cheese selections.  The boys thought the tacos were a little too fancy, so they were thrilled when a chef made them simple quesadillas on the grill.

The honey bar was so unique.  There were at least 8 different honeys you could try with the artisan breads, cheeses and meats.

And oh the desserts were totally divine. I would go back for the watermelon gelato alone.  (PS they even had some sugar-free desserts!)

This is definitely one of those Las Vegas over-the-top places-and I’m hoping the calories we consumed did not come home with us.  When we left the lineup filled the room and trickled into another and I’m glad we went early. It turned out a perfectly yummy (splurgey!) but family friendly meal.

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Gluttony Perfected at the Bacchanal Buffet

  1. This looks remarkable! Will definitely try it out if I get to Vegas one day!

  2. fran says:

    It sounds like a fabulous buffet! I’m not a great buffet fan, but I would definitely like to try this one!

  3. […] exist anymore, and though we tried the kids-eat-free one at the Mandalay Bay (meh…) the new Caesar buffet: The Bacchanal was expensive but divine. The guys liked the table-side tvs at a restaurant called the Burger Bar […]

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