Beautiful Ballard Farmer’s Market


October 1, 2012 by eckids

Nothing beats crisp, sunny fall Sundays at Ballard Farmer’s Market and it’s no secret, because I swear everyone else in Seattle was there this past weekend.

It took us nearly 20 minutes to find a parking spot and we all held our breath as we SQUEEEZED into a tight one.  We adore this market.  Even the kids helped in the spot sleuthing.

Wandering past booths piled with veggies, baked goods and locally made things with coffee in hand is the epitome of Seattle living and when the air is cool enough to see the steam coming out of the pots at the Patty Pan Grill, it’s pure magic.

You don’t need kitschy factory-made light up toys and plastic-y decorations to hail new seasons here.  We know it’s autumn because of the local produce.  Pumpkins, peaches, pears and apples.  Fresh-pressed cider gleaming in glassy bottles.   Definitely fall.

The hubby could wait for hours for mini-donuts and still leave with a smile.

The boys could do the same for the honey sticks.  (I swear, every kid must stop at this booth.  Pure genius!)

And they love peering into shop windows.  The Clover Toys window had some amazing wooden boats that I know are going on the Christmas list for sailing at our favorite pond.

I love making dinner with the beautiful produce we find.  This is a simple, delicious side and the boys love it: baked sliced carrot coins. (Set oven to 375, slice carrots, toss with oil and salt, maybe even some dill, and bake for 20-30 minutes on a foiled cookie sheet, flipping once.)

And if I’m lucky, my sweet boys pick me out some lovely flower souvenirs to go with dinner and carry me through the week till next Sunday when we can do it all again.

One thought on “Beautiful Ballard Farmer’s Market

  1. I LOVE this! I adore local farmers markets…and Ballard has such a fantastic one! And what perfect weather for your trip! Great photos too.

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