Rockstar Party


September 19, 2012 by eckids

A couple months ago the guys celebrated their 4th birthday.  They were very insistent that they have a rockstar party and the hubby was very insistent that we go with something easy.  We chose to have it at the Seattle Children’s Museum where you can rent the museum after hours so you can have it all to yourself.  They have a few rules about what you can and can’t bring in: no chaffing dishes or open flames, no hot beverages unless they are in a travel mug and only mylar balloons so we did our best to stay within these parameters.  Our event happened over the Bite of Seattle weekend so we knew we had to be pretty planned to get everything out of the cars and into the museum and have it decorated within 30 minutes.  But that was part of the adventure and we’re so lucky for amazing family help at parties.

Mod Pizza also pretty much saved the day with easy and delicious individual pizzas and salads and they even delivered to the museum making this totally stress free.  As I’ve swooned before-I love all the amazing food options at the New Center House Armory! I also really wanted an ice cream cart, and since technically the kids’ party should celebrate their mom too (yes,they will disagree with this one day, but this year I am still queen) we were able to have yummy ice cream sandwiches thanks to Sweet Treats who wheeled their cart to our party.

Since the ice cream took the spotlight off the cake this year, my sister and I made the cupcakes.  We had so much fun and I love this part of celebrations.  Oh and I love any time I can hang out with my sis.  (She made the awesome cookies by the way!  I’m so lucky!)

The boys even got in on making the birthday supplies.  (We used these chalkboard frames we bought at Joann crafts to label the food.)

We didn’t do traditional goodie bags this time.  The book “I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag” kind of made me think about trying to work on an experience rather than kitschy things that will only last a moment (oh though I do love kitschy things!).  We decorated the tables with ‘rockstar’ themed goodies like sunglasses, guitars, microphones and necklaces so that everyone could take what they wanted as they left along with a mylar balloon.

And from the moment guests started arriving, the party was pretty much a blur of kids running here and there: they owned the museum like total rockstars.

My guys got to sit in the Fire Truck without crowds on their birthday and I know they had a blast.

It was such an easy party that we got to spend this special time with lovely friends and family-many who traveled south from Vancouver, BC. ( Sweet Treats, Mod Pizza, and Children’s Museum thank you all so much.  The guys are already talking about next years party……)

3 thoughts on “Rockstar Party

  1. Wow, you really go all out. Hey — semi unrleated question. I was looking at bento boxes for lunch for the girls — any recommendations? we’d prefer the ones that didn’t leak.

  2. eckids says:

    I just made my first school lunch last week;) The guys want Lightning Mcqueen bento boxes, but I like the ones they have at There’s also a really cute panda and frog one on amazon. I’ll try and send you the link:)

  3. […] creative they get.  (Their costume choices are definitely their own!)  It was no surprise they wanted a Rockstar birthday when they turned 4.  They had their little rockstar outfits, I went as groupie and the hubby was content being the […]

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