One day in HK


November 8, 2011 by eckids

What can you do in one day in Hong Kong?  We spent two nights at the Marriott by the airport(an amazing hotel in Lantau by the way!) to break up a journey to Singapore which could potentially take more than 24 hours of travel from Seattle with stopovers.  I’m so glad we stopped.  We started the morning quite early and found that most things open at 10am, which would be fine, if we weren’t up at 6:30am.  We ate breakfast (included with our hotel room-SCORE!) and headed out to ride the train.

We decided that we would go to the Flower, Fish and Bird Markets-they were about a twenty minute train ride from our hotel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they were fantastic.  The guys loved peeking into all the stalls.

And there seemed to be miles and miles of flowers.  It was neat to see the workers reaching into giant cardboard boxes and pulling out armloads of packed flowers.  I wonder where they all came from and who buys them?

The bird market was down a little alley.

We walked along and saw the workers unpacking these bags.

Eeww!  They were swarming with bugs of all sorts!

The boys were mesmerized with all the cages full of tiny moving things.

We stopped at a mall for a bathroom break, snack and awesome rooftop playground.  I think it was still just 11am in the morning!

Then we headed back to the streets to the goldfish market where we saw millions of fish and pets.

And the day was still not over.  We headed back near our hotel and up the Ngong Ping 360 ride near our hotel to see the Giant Buddha statue.  I thought this would be like the gondola going up to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, but it was about 30 minutes each way!  I was a little terrified but the views were amazing.

Especially since the hubby thought it would be cool to get the glass bottom tram.

And after riding over a couple mountaintops, we could see the statue in the distance.  There was a little village nearby the bottom where we shopped, ate and wandered around.

When we got back to the hotel we were exhausted and ready to sit forever on another 7 hour flight the next day.  Our stay in Hong Kong was way too short.  I love this city and want to go back!

5 thoughts on “One day in HK

  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    Fabulous! What a wonderful trip – oh you are so brave. Hope the boys are traveling well!

  2. Pearl says:

    Wonderful! WOW! I take it, it was still warm in Hong Kong and in Singapore?

  3. eckids says:

    Thank you! They traveled just fine, but it’s the getting back on schedule that’s the problem. We’re having a lot of sleepless nights now that we’re home;) Any tips?

  4. eckids says:

    Yes! Very warm:) Felt like summer!

  5. heather says:

    how amazing! how cool! i have been there solo, but not sure i am brave enough to take kiddos- you are a star!

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