I HEART the New Children’s Museum (San Diego)


March 11, 2011 by eckids

The New Children’s Museum seemed like a funky, artsy-fartsy and ‘grown up’ chic-sparse place to me when I first read about it, so I wasn’t sure how it would actually be in reality for the toddlers.  I knew I would probably love it though so when I saw it had free admission with our Kidsquest membership there was no reason not to try it out-even if we just walked in and walked out.  I am so glad we took a chance on it.  This is a kids’ museum that evokes the artsy functional appeal of Dwell Studio and Plan Toys-beautiful stuff parents can appreciate and kids can enjoy. We ALL definitely had a blast!

I was in awe of the humongous Trojan horse and the kids ran around inside it.  (Me, again holding on to walls white-knuckled just in case)

We played with bubbles outside.  But not just any bubbles-these were Picasso-like bubbles of course-the sticks were pipecleaners molded into funky shapes that made humongous bubble clusters.

There was a rainbow tube for running through.  I ran through it too.  I wasn’t supposed to but the Bean was a little scared and I thought the man working the station gave me permission but my hubby told me later that he said “stop” as I took off.  My mistake.

We sprayed cherry blossoms.

We tagged a whale.

We made art together.  (The Bean made the cookie and the Donut was mine)

And all of us had fun.  Even Daddy, who is not always a lover of things artsy-fartsy except for me.  We’ll definitely go back here one day.

One thought on “I HEART the New Children’s Museum (San Diego)

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